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One of the fast growing Political Podcasts in the country. Hosted by sociologist Keith Brekhus from Montana and the show's Producer Naomi Minogue from California. Listen to Liberal Fix Radio every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10pm EST as they tackle tough issues with a perspective that comes from outside the beltway.

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Liberal Fix Partners

Liberal Fix All-Star Guest List

Click on the guests name to listen to their interview.  

Wrapped in the Flag author Claire Conner

Fracking Pennsylvania author Walter Brasch

MO Dem. St. Rep. Stacey Newman

Sixteen Tons author Kevin Corley

The Fight for the Four Freedoms author Harvey Kaye

TX Congressional Candidate Michael Cole

Burning Down the House author Nell Bernstein

Reverend Ellin Jimmerson

The Tolerance Trap author Dr. Suzanna Walters

CSGV's Ladd Everitt

VT St. Sen. David Zuckerman

Anti-Fracking activist Laura Fronckiewicz

Mom's Demand Action's Kellye Burke

The Great American Disconnect Author Jed Morey

Author and Activist Betsy Leondar-Wright,

ND State Rep. Kylie Oversen,

Wrapped in the Flag author - Claire Conner,

Rhode Island activist Sam Bell,

Hoosier School Heist author, Doug Martin,

The "Opinonated Democrat" - Sarah Wood,

Moms Demand Action - Hollye Dexter,

Author John Sheirer,

Foreign Policy Expert Dr. Stephen Zunes,

NV Governor Candidate Chris Hyepock,

Notre Dame Professor/Economist David Ruccio,

TX US House Candidate Shirley Ringo,

Editor Tiffany Willis -,

IN US House Candidate Lane Siekman,

TX US Senate Candidate Michael Fjetland,

TX US Senate Candidate Maxey Scherr,

WI US House Candidate Amardeep Kaleka,

Senior Editor Elisabeth Parker-,

Sandy Hook activist Sarah Clements,

 Matt Wall - PCCC,

Activist Shannon Watts - Mom's Demand Action,

Businessman and Living Wage advocate Brian Parker,

Indiana Campaign Manager Trish Whitcomb-Sipes,

Sociologist Salvatore Balbones,

Missouri Democratic Campaign Coordinator Courtney Cole,

Professor Elise Boddie,

Activist Lorraine Chavez - Fight for 15,

Editor Sarah Jones -,

Author Claire Conner - Wrapped in the Flag,

Author Chris Mooney - The Republican Brain,

Feminist/Author Amanda Marcotte,

Author Frank Schaefer,

Mark Potok - Southern Poverty Law Center,

 Tammi Kromenaker - Red Wolf Women's Clinic,

Author John Sheirer Tales of a Real American Liberal,

 Ladd Everitt - Coalition to Stop Gun Violence,

Reverend Mark Sandlin,

TV Host John Fugelsang,

Professor Stephen Zunes,

Writer Sarah Wood - The Opinionated Democrat

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The time of the day like right now in the morning I am obviously floppy cannot see my artists my fi…